Small Actions. Big Impact.

We aim to enhance housing affordability by:

1. Assisting low-income homeowners with essential repairs.

2. Supporting veterans living paycheck to paycheck through the construction of tiny houses and communities.

Come And Make Them Smile.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Delaware is a beacon of hope, transforming communities through the power of partnership and faith. We offer more than just housing; we provide a foundation for life.

Building a better world, one house at a time.

The Fuller Center for Housing of Delaware is a nonprofit organization that improves communities in Delaware by giving a “hand up, not a hand out” with necessary repairs and simple, decent tiny houses, accessory dwelling units and small scale actions that lead to big changes to increase housing.

Our mission is to create vibrant, sustainable communities with affordable, quality housing options that empower individuals and families to thrive. Our ministry is driven by the belief that everyone deserves a place to call home, close to their work, schools, and places of worship, at a cost within reach.

We help people live better lives with 3 core services:

We lift up and encourage low-income homeowners by making needed repairs to their homes. In so doing, Fuller seeks to model and share the love of Christ. To help make homes safe and sound, our services are based on financial need, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or faith.


Greater Blessing Repair Program


Encouragement Projects


Working Veterans Housing

A nonprofit is as strong as the community that holds it up. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Get Involved! Let's bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change.

Join us in our unyielding quest to ensure that every person has the opportunity to live in a healthy, safe home through targeted, manageable housing solutions.


There is a significant lack of affordable housing options available for working individuals. The current housing costs consume more than 30% of their budget, posing a financial burden. Furthermore, these affordable housing options are situated far away from their workplace, resulting in lengthy commutes and increased transportation costs. Households with severe housing affordability issues are more likely to give up other essentials like nutritious food and healthcare to afford the rent, and to face unstable housing conditions like evictions.

Seniors, disabled, and low to moderate working families/ veterans feel the most significant impact. Keeping these folks in their current homes is one step toward reducing the rate of homelessness.

There are many organizations/agencies in Delaware that assist with house repairs/home modifications, but they cannot handle the huge need of over 25k homes that require an estimated cost of $100 million. Therefore, the resources available to fix them are much less than the growing demand for home repairs.

Likewise, 6% of Delaware veterans lived in poverty in 2019, and another 19% experienced financial hardships, unable to afford the basics of housing, childcare, food, transportation, health care, a smartphone plan, and taxes. When these folks run out of money and just can’t pay the rent, they are just 30 days away from homelessness.

For veterans, housing is not just seen in financial hardships which may lead to homelessness. It is an issue that is directly tied to that our homeless are three times more likely to commit suicide, and 2/3 of those committing this heartbreak are not connected with the VA. You can then add unemployment, criminal justice involvement, food insecurity and combat related PTSD, TBI and other mental health issues, and housing becomes just one aspect of veteran challenges.

How We Make A Difference:

The Fuller Center for Housing of Delaware focuses on two major strategies:

(1) Those low income or disabled homeowners, primarily seniors and veterans, that need assistance to fix maintenance and safety problems in their current housing so they can age in place; for if they are displaced and lose the housing that they currently have, albeit unhealthy, moving to another home is either unaffordable or unavailable. Our specific focus is on issues of occupant safety, aging in place, and accessibility projects.

(2) Working veterans unable to find housing that their salary allows them to afford near where they work, learn, play, and pray, by using accessory dwelling units (ADUs), tiny houses, tiny house communities, small scale and incremental development.

Housing Affects Everyone!

You are an essential part of our mission.

Communities know best what their biggest housing problems are and how to bring people together to solve them.

Will you help us fulfill our mission in this endeavor?

  • Support a dynamic organization and be a part of great work.

  • Your donations are cherished and appreciated.

  • Funds are utilized locally.

  • Donations go to those in need to assist them in improving their lives.

  • If they are able, the people we assist contribute to the effort.

  • This is part of the long-term success for our neighbors -- empowering them to improve their circumstances.



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